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Suspended Registration

Did your registration get suspended?

The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) requires you to suspend your registration if:

The owner does not provide proof of insurance in the 30 days that are given.
The DMV is notified that its policy has been canceled and the replacement has not been made.
The record is obtained by giving false evidence of insurance.

Note: If the proof of insurance is not received, the DMV will suspend the registration of your vehicle and you will be sent a warning letter of attempted suspension and you will have to pay a fine of $ 14.

Do not worry, we know it sounds like something serious, but in reality it is not, we reactivated your registration suspended in less than a day and now all you have to do is take out insurance, it’s not expensive at all. As you already know, our goal is to find the auto insurance that best suits your needs and your pocket; and especially that you do not have your registration suspended.

Our Insurance is uniquely committed to being the leading provider of insurance products and services; We help our clients quickly through access to information, tools and the people who care for them.


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Posted ByAlex TorresOnAugust 2,2019

Alex Torres

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