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Licensed or unlicensed. We insure even if you have tickets, DUIs or accidents.

We insure your car even if it is not registered in your name.

We insure Salvage cars.

We remove the suspension from your registration.

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What happens when your registration is suspended?


What will happen is that in a certain way your registration will be on hold. It will be treated as if your registration is expired. You may be cited before the law and may even have your car towed. You will be charged a $ 14 penalty to reactivate your registration. You will have to provide proof of auto insurance. When your registration is suspended, no one can drive that car and you can’t sell it either.

Do you need road assistance?


Most of us, when obtaining auto insurance, all we have in mind is meeting California’s insurance requirements, but we also need to consider car insurance as the way we stay safe while driving. Everyone should be aware of all the dangers that exist, because not everyone is a responsible driver, it is very important to get enough coverage.

Do you need full coverage car insurance?

Full-Coverage - California

Do you know what it covers? You know what it means? Sounds like a complete package of insurance. You won’t need to think about getting insurance twice if it gives you the protection you’ve been looking for. Anyway, full coverage is not as simple as it may sound. Knowing what full coverage means will help you make better decisions in choosing the best auto insurance for you and your family.

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