Registration Renewal

Plate renewal is when you receive a letter from the DMV practically saying it is time to pay for your car registration. In this comes the amount to be paid and a summary of what is being charged to us. It is important to pay on time because otherwise you will be charged additional fees for late payment.

What do I pay in my registration?

This is a list of the charges that could be included in your license plate renewal:

  • Registration fees
  • Vehicle License Fee * This is the fee that can be a tax collection.
  • Weight share.
  • Fee for special plate. (In case of having custom plates)
  • County / District fees.
  • Owner’s Liability Fee

Registration is the way we identify our vehicles. It is very important that a vehicle is registered because we can see it as a way to protect ourselves and others. It is a routine process that has worked for a long time and that is why we keep doing it.


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What do I do if the renewal letter does not arrive?

There are times that for one reason or another it is not possible to send you the annual renewal notice. However, there are different ways to get informed without having to receive the letter and here are your options.

Call the DMV.

Consult online.

Call us at (888) 350-5050.

What can we do for you?

Because we are an authorized DMV provider, we have systems that are also used by the DMV to give you this information. As an authorized supplier we can also do the renewal plates in a matter of minutes. Without having to go to the DMV, without standing in line under the sun, without bad attention. Above all, you receive your new registration and stickers instantly.

How often do I have to do SMOG verification?

Every two years there should be a check of emissions (Smog Check). The license plate renewal letter indicates whether you need to do that year or not. More information about emissions inspections here. You can also check online if you need to do this verification or not.

What happens if I’m not going to use my car anymore?

In that case, you must apply for a non-operating state, which is the way to notify the DMV that you will not use your car that year. You will not renew plates. So the record stops running. For more information, click here.

Now you know, you can avoid long lines at the DMV and a lot of waiting time by coming with us. Call us and ask for an estimate of your registration.