Home Insurance

Whether you’re in or out of the house, you can depend on an insurance policy for homeowners. And through our partners, we will protect your personal responsibility and property policy. It includes simple management, the payment options are flexible. Make a free home insurance quote today to start using the type of protection that can give you peace of mind regarding your home.

What does home insurance cover?

Examples not limited to:

All coverage is subject to uninsured losses available to the policy.

Homeowners insurance does not cover:

Types of Coverage

There are different coverages that come together to build a home insurance policy, make sure to talk to us, so we can assess you and find the best home insurance solution for you, in a way it will best fit your needs.

Dwelling Coverage

This is the part of the policy that will take care of the structure of the house, the walls, and the roof.

General Liability

Provides you with legal protection and defense in case someone is injured within your premises or in case you cause some kind of damage to their property.

Personal Property Coverage

Protection for personal items inside your house, stolen or damaged furniture, even outside your home.

Guest Medical Protection

It will pay for medical expenses generated after someone is injured on your premises.

Other Structures

The policy can include this coverage to protect buildings detached from your main building like pool houses, garages or sheds.

Additional Living Expenses Protection

A coverage that will pay for hotels or temporary house expenses in case you need to live somewhere else while your house is being repaired after the house suffered from damage that left the property inhabitable.

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