Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Extra protection that your business needs

As a business owner, keeping your business protected is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. But if you do not have enough coverage, in your current policy may not have the extra layer of protection necessary for situations that may put your finances and/or operations at risk. With Umbrella Protection Insurance Commercial Insurance can protect your business and your assets in case your business is sued.

A Commercial Umbrella Protection Insurance will provide your business with additional coverage in the event that a claim or major accident occurs and exceeds the limits of your existing or existing policy. You can also insure an accident that occurs outside of the insured property.

What does the Commercial Umbrella Insurance cover?

Claims that exceed your financial limit or your coverage limit in the policy you already have, as a result of accidents that occurred inside or outside of your business premises. The following are examples of situations in which Commercial Umbrella Insurance can safeguard your business.

Falls or slips on your property.

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  • Leakage of Carbon Monoxide in its secured construction.
  • Slander or invasion of private property.
  • If one of your products causes illness or injury.
  • If a fire on your property causes damage to other properties.
  • Violations of the Responsibility of Labor Practices.
  • If a vehicle of your business is involved in an accident.

How much Security is enough?

Since claims can be expensive and accidents happen, one can never be sufficiently careful with their coverage options. That is why we have experts that will be based on the individual needs of your business to find a level of protection that keeps your operations and you safe. Commercial Insurance is simply an accessible coverage that will prevent you from major losses.

Protect your business personally and financially with a policy offered by our Insurance.