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What is a PNO?

PNO stands for Planned Non-Operational status, which means that if a PNO is requested, they are declaring that they will store or not operate that vehicle during the next year of renewal. Therefore, if a person is not going to use that vehicle, they must apply for the PNO online and pay the filing fee of $20.

The filing fee of twenty dollars can be paid up to sixty days before the due date, if you want to avoid a late fee.After ninety days, a late fee will be set in stone and the individual will be responsible for the full registration fees.

If an individual drives a vehicle that is under PNO, and the vehicle is detected in any area where a citation can be given, then the full registration fee, along with the penalties, must be paid that same year the Individual had Option out.

If the condition of the vehicles to be non-operational if lost, then the renewal payment will be more than the usual renewal fee that is between the amount of $40 to $70, depending on the state that the vehicle is registered as not operative One must renew a PNO every year or every two years, once again, according to the state that the vehicle is not operational in.

Non-Operational Status

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