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Deceased Person Title Transfer

The renaming of a deceased person’s vehicle in California is much simpler than in other states since the DMV has very easy ways to fill out. In most cases you will not need a lawyer to legalize a will and you can do it yourself.

There are different types of transfer of title to consider.

Without Legalization of Will.

This is the most common case, for this the DMV has a form aptly called ”Affidavit for Transfers without Legalization of Will” or ”Affidavit for transfers without Proof” that we can get for you. They transfer the vehicle to the nearest relative, or beneficiary in the will, and then that person can sell it or whatever they want to do.

Deceased Person Title Transfer

With Legalization of Will.

In this case the Executor or Administrator of the will will sign the title with the name of the deceased signs as Executor or Administrator and his name. After this, the buyer can register it in his name. The payment for the vehicle will go to the testamentary bank account because the DMV does not have as such a way to transfer a vehicle with Will Legalization.

Fiduciary Transfer.

“Transfer by Trustee” that is, for the minority of people who have a title in their trust, the successor trustee can sell or transfer the car.

Although it is recommended to consult with a lawyer to know that the process is being done correctly but if you have doubts, you can also ask us at the following numbers:

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