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Roadside Assistance


Most of us, when obtaining insurance, all we have in mind is to comply with California insurance requirements, but we must also take into account that the car insurance the way we stay safe while driving. Everyone should be aware of all the dangers that exist, because not all are responsible drivers, it is very important to get enough coverage. And that’s not all, keep in mind that your car could break down in a place far from civilization or you could have a flat tire or run out of fuel in an unexpected place. That is why many of the companies we work with offer assistance along the way.

Road Assistance can be a call away.

Here is a list of benefits offered by road assistance:

  • Trailer
  • Start of battery jump
  • Gas delivery
  • Deflated tire change
  • Change of cracked tire
  • Locksmith service
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Posted ByAlex TorresOnAugust 6,2019

Alex Torres

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